Countryside Regional Challenge 2012

Countryside Challenge 2012

Many congratulations to our two riders from Foxwood School who took part in the Countryside Challenge at the Regional Qualifier held at Somerby Livery yard complex (home of Mount Group RDA), near Oakham on May 14th 2012.

The children rode well in the outdoor arena on a somewhat dull but mainly dry day with Jack placed fourth and Leah sixth in their group; they both had good scores but they were not quite high enough to qualify for the National Championships.

The children arrived in the school bus with Jenny and had a quick look around the course before being kitted out in our smart navy and pale blue colours.  In the meantime, Jane, Penny and Alison got the pony ready – not Bristol as originally planned, but Bracken who was kindly loaned to us by the stables.

Leah rode first, watched by her mother and with Penny leading Bracken and Michelle sidewalking.  Both members were also wearing our blue colours and together all three presented as a very smart team.  Leah was not fazed by the new venue and new pony, even when Bracken decided to snack on the vegetation decorating the arch!

Following a quick change of rider and a warm up in the indoor school, Jack then completed his round very confidently.

After the ride, both children were questioned on Horse Care and Knowledge and they received rosettes for answering well.

At the end of the morning session the children were delighted to be presented with rosettes by Lesley who at the last minute was called on to be a judge.

Many thanks to Jon for dealing with the score sheets and promptly producing the results and also we would like to thank Mount Group for the loan of Bracken.

A great time was had by all and we are very proud of our riders!