Our Donations

We are hugely grateful to everyone who generously donates to the RDA Nottingham Group. We want all disabled children to have the chance to benefit and we need your help. Your donation can help us to recruit more volunteers, to train more coaches, to create better facilities and source suitable horses. If you would like to donate please contact us here.


Will help us to buy special riding equipment.


Will help us to recruit new volunteers.


Will help us find and hire suitable ponies.


Will help us to train a new RDA Coach.

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Nottingham RDA Group would like to thank individuals, organisations and members who have supported us: -

The Innerwheel Club of Keyworth and Ruddington -  Asda West Bridgford - Members of the Hathern & Kegworth Benefice - Plus regular donations from donors who wish to remain anonymous.

A big thank you to them all.