Meet Our Ponies

We hire all our wonderful ponies from Lings Lane Riding Stables in Keyworth. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, they all have their own characters and foibles. You can meet some of them here.

rda nottingham ponies
pony with long mane


One of our newest recruits, photogenic Yogi is a compact very pretty grey pony. He's fast becoming a favourite with our smaller riders, and our volunteers.

nosey horse


Wonderful Walter is a gorgeous dark grey pony with a pale face and lustrous locks.  His mid-size suits a range of child heights and abilities and he is much loved.

grey pony


Cookie is a gorgeous piebald pony. On loan from Bransby Horse Rescue this lovely pony has settled in well and  suits medium sized children.

pony with long mane


Cheeky Flapjack is a compact pretty pony who is forward going when he can see through his flowing locks!

nosey horse


Tia is our gentle giant. At 15.1H this loveable piebald is one of the larger ponies and her clam nature makes her ideal for our bigger children. 

grey pony


Beautiful Bob is everyone's favourite. Standing at 13.2H with a soft grey coat, he is a calm dependable all rounder much loved by children and volunteers alike.

palamino pony


With her flowing golden mane and tail, Mille is our very own Marilyn Monroe. Another favourite with our smaller children this gorgeous chesnut mare stands at 12H and has a beautiful white blaze.

pony with white blaze


Mellow Merlin is a very handsome chap. A lightly built brown gelding standing at 12.2H, he is forward going with the perfect trot and suits calm quiet riders who like a faster paced ride.

chestunt hose with white blaze


Super Samson is a glossy chestnut cob gelding. He's a forward going, willing ride and standing at over 15H he suits our taller confident  riders. He eats anything and everthing so watch your jacket!

head of piebald pony


Scotty is a good looking piebald gelding who stands at 13H high and suits our medium to large children. Quiet and sensible, he is forward going but can have the odd lazy day!

chesnut pony wearing a bridle


A handsome 13H chestnut welsh cob gelding, Guto is friendly and easy to handle with a lively pace, popular with our more confident riders. Just watch he doesn't nibble your coat!