Our Group's History

It all started with one child...........
In 1967, as part of its Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Nottingham and District Guild for the Disabled chose provision of riding for disabled children as their special project.  One child was taken to a riding school near Derby and this was so successful that numbers increased and by March 1968 weekly sessions were taking place.  The lessons moved to Bunny Riding school in the same year,with the children travelling by minibus and still known as the Guild's riding group.  By 1988, riding was the Guild's only interest so the name of the group was changed to Nottinghamshire Pony Riding Group for the Disabled 
The Group moved to Costock in 1987 and two years later celebrated their 21st birthday at Bunny with a visit from Sian Palmer, the very first rider who rode in 1967.
The Group became a charitable trust in 1990.
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Towards the end of 2001 the Group had to leave Costock when the premises came under new management and then began a new phase with the purchase of their own ponies.  The new location was at East Leake and the Group continued to operate from there until 2005.
Another move took place in 2005 when the Group sold their ponies and re-located to an equestrian centre in West Bridgford .
Changes at those stables meant that in 2008 the Group had to move again, this time to their current location Keyworth . It was here that the working name was changed to Nottingham Group.