Countryside Regional Challenge 2011

Many congratulation to our four riders from Fernwood Infant School who did exceptionally well in the Countryside Challenge at the Regional qualifier held at Arena UK, near Grantham on 16 May 2011.

Special congratulations to Danish, who won his class and therefore qualified for the RDA National Championships at Hartpury on 9/10th July 2011.  David came third, Jason fourth and Ainhoa sixth. They all rode well, and had an enjoyable day out.

The course map

Bristol Cream carried them all round the course in great style and was an absolute superstar.

The day started with loading Bristol into the hired horse box at Lings Lane. She took one look at the ramp and her back end nearly fell to the floor as she planted her feet firmly on the ground and said "no way!".  However, with a little persuasion she walked in and they were on their way.

The children arrived very excited, and they, Lesley, Penny, Michelle and Sheila walked the course.  Michelle then did a marvellous job of kitting the children out in the back of the very small horse box!  Margaret and Penny looked after the children (along with the teachers) between classes.

David and Jason completed their rounds before lunch, and Ainhoa and Danish went after lunch all with Sheila leading and Michelle sidewalking. There was a running commentary from Jason on the sidelines whilst the other three were riding, and from onboard whilst doing his own round!

Sandra arrived at lunchtime and went back with Bristol to Keyworth.  The rest stayed to watch the presentation and applaud our proud riders, who I am sure had a marvellous day.

Lesley and the Regional Committee would also like to thank Celia and Jackie for keeping the judges and stewards well fed and watered and Jon and Jane for their hard work in marking and dealing with the score sheets for both the Countryside Challenge and the Dressage tests.