Countryside Regional Challenge 2018

National Championships July 2018

Jack Morgan from Ashlea School took part in the RDA Junior Countryside Challenge National competition at Hartpury College, having qualified at Scropton RDA centre in May.
Jack rode Pumpkin who was hired from the Belvoir Vale group by kind permission of Lesley Davies. Pumpkin looked fantastic - Ria Charles was her groom, Cath Brightman was leading and Penny Fletcher was side walker and coach, Sally Ashton assisted and supported; Ria and Cath are volunteers with both the Nottingham and Belvoir Vale groups.
Jack had only had one lesson on Pumpkin and he was the first to ride the course on her.  She was very much on her toes and at the first obstacle, the post box, she overshot and Jack had to circle and do it again. At the second obstacle which consisted of steering round 7 obstacles, Pumpkin paused to look at some of the obstacles, Jack followed instructions and was careful using his legs but in that case more use of leg would have been better. Then, apart from a brief pause when Pumpkin turned from the bank and was surprised to see a model fox in front of her with the whole showground in view, all went well.
Everyone watched the results board with anticipation to see how Jack had done; he was placed a creditable 5th which is a real achievement as he only started riding last September, the marks between 2nd and 5th places were very close. Jack was presented with a large orange rosette.


Countryside Regional Challenge Scropton 18 May 2018


Jack, Peter and Ethan competed in the  regional qualifying round of the Countryside Challenge at Scropton on May the 18th.  All three boys rode the same horse, Black Jazz, which was larger than anything they had previously ridden and which had never previously taken part in the Countryside challenge having been borrowed for the event.


Jack came 3rd with 82% and qualified for the National Championships on July 14th. Peter was 4th with 82% and Ethan 7th with 79.75%. The first and second prize winners were on familiar ponies and had competed previously.


Jack will compete at the Nationals riding Pumpkin who will be kindly loaned by the Belvoir Vale group.
Congratultions to all three competitors and thanks to the volunteers on the day.