Countryside Regional Challenge 2016

Countryside Regional Challenge Scropton 23 May 2016


Four boys who ride with the Nottingham Group at Lings Lane took part in the competition on hired ponies which they had never ridden before, watched by family and school representatives; all enjoyed the day. Yuaan and Keenan rode Maisie, a 12 H.H. Welsh pony who was quite forward going, both boys coped well; Yuaan qualified for the National Championships with 78.5% (as a visually impaired rider he only needed 60% to qualify), Keenan was awarded 86.25% and was placed 5th . Ethan and Henry rode Spice a 13.1hh Exmoor who was forward going and stronger.  They also coped well; Ethan was awarded 82.75% and Henry 79%. All the boys were on their best behaviour. Unusually, other than the occasional whoa, neither Keenan nor Henry spoke during the competition. Their Mothers, who had never seen them ride, were surprised by their competence and behaviour. The competition is a team effort; points are awarded for the general impression of the team, the efforts and performance of leaders and helpers as well as for the obedience of the pony and the rider’s effort and performance. Many thanks are due to the team who gave their time to help.


Our congratulations go to Belvoir Vale Group who came first, second and third in class 1A and to South Nottingham Group who had a first in the adult class 1B.


Below are links to photographs of the day the results.


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Ethan with Aynesley and SharonHenry with Sue and Sheila

Yuaan with Aneley and Ria